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Bee Products


Pure Honey

Squeeze Bottle (16 oz net wt) $10
Pint (22 oz net wt) $12
Quart (46 oz net wt) $24
Gallon $80

Honey Straws

Local Honey 4 for $1

Chunk Honey

A generous piece of honeycomb, suspended in our Local honey

1/2 pint (11 oz net wt) $10


Medium piece (8-10 oz net wt) $12
Thick piece (10-13 oz net wt) $15
Bits 'n Pieces (4-7 oz net wt) $7

Natural Body Products


All Natural Soap
Made with Essential Oils

$5 per bar Sold out

All Natural Soap
Made with Fragrance Oils

Lilac Vanilla Sandalwood
Oats and Honey Coastal Rain
$5 per bar
3 for $12

All Natural Lip Balm

Lavender Peppermint Vanilla Sweet Orange
$2 per tube

Bug Repellent Lotion Bars

Repels bugs without chemicals while moisturizing
$4 per tube

All-Natural Bug Spray

Repels bugs without chemicals
$7 per bottle

Bug Bite Stick

Soothes the itch from bites and stings
$4 per tube

Hand and Body Sugar Scrub

Lavender Vanilla Lemon
Peppermint Sandalwood
$7 per half pint jar with scoop

Fizzy Bath Bombs

Peppermint Orange
Lavender Lilac
$2 per bag



Pure Beeswax

Votive Candles $3 each
Emergency Candles 6" $12 each
1oz Bars $2 each

Hand Turned Wooden Wine Bottle Stoppers


Hand Turned Wooden Slimline Pens

Cocobolo $15
Black Composite $15

Hand Turned Wooden Cigar Pens

Black Spectraply Composite $25
Grey Spectraply Composite $25

Hand Turned Wooden Aromatherapy Pens

The top unscrews to hold a wick with your favorite essential oil. Includes 3 wicks and 1 small essential oil jar.
Birdseye Maple $35

Hand Turned Wooden Wand Pens

Birdseye Maple $40

Hand Turned Wooden Designer Pens

Birdseye Maple $25
Grey Composite with Gold $25
Grey Composite with Silver $25
Toasted Sweetgum $25

Hand Turned Wooden Candle Holder with Hand Forged Handle

Live Oak $25